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LOGICOM is a highly respected German loudspeaker designer and manufacturer, and LEB 404 is the shining examples of their very high tech approach. This is a three way system, composed of four drivers. These drivers are relatively small but very fast and very "clean". One is 4" for midrange, bass is provided by the pair of front and side mounted ultra fast 6.5" woofer drivers.This design produces wide sound dispersion and additional bass reinforcment. The highs are handeled by a 1" silk ring tweeter with disbursment flanges usually found in much more expensive speakers. Small footprint, they measure 8in x 91/2in x 34in. With its high efficiency of 91 dB and easy impedance of 6 Ohms the system is very easy to drive and its also tube friendly.

For such a small speaker, LEB-404 put out an immense sound stage. It is deep and wide, easily identifing the instruments placement. The highs are articulate and crisp with no hint of simbilance or fatigue. The mids are clear and full, female vocals are erie. It sounds like the singer is in the room with you. These small loudspeakers project a full round, yet controlled bass line. There is no bloat or mush, just clean fast and solid, with surprising slam - These speakers perform many times over their price range!

Company & Specifications:
Logicom Group
Landsberger Str.252
12623 Berlin-Germany

Technische Spezifikation Lieferumfang
Sensitivity: 91db
 ;     Impedance : 6 ohms
Maximum Power Handling: 440 Watts
Frequency Response 29Hz - 20kHz
Crossover Type: 3-Way, Bass reflex
Tweeter: 1" x 1 silk
Midrange: 4" x 1 polymer
Front Bass Driver: 6.5" Paper Cone
Side Bass Driver: 6.5" Paper Cone
Finish: Black or Wood
Dimensions (H x W x L): 34" x 8" x 9.5"
Manufacturer Warranty (parts & labor) : 1 year.
Shipping Weight: 52 lbs

MSRP: $525, Our Price: $125

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